High-selling photos require the right consulting

More than just an illustration: We create product photos to strike the right chord with your target group. Because we bring to the task years of experience with manufacturers and dealers and are familiar with the perspective of your customers as well as our own: As part of our consulting services, we’ll be pleased to create the right concept for you. Whether through photography or CGI: We can tell you how to bring out the shape, surface, material and color of your products in the most attractive way.

Photo formation: More than the sum of its components

Every setting is unique: AJ-Commercial does not make “off-the-rack” photographs. Both in our studio and when doing 3D visualization, we compose every photo individually and are careful to follow our instinct. Through optimal light incidence, the right intensity and light temperature, as well as through delicate reflections, a targeted use of sharpness and dramatic perspectives, we create stylish compositions that bring out an emotional response and keep all eyes on them.

Feedback: You’re part of the process

We work transparently: We’re happy to send you the first drafts of your product pictures even during the creation process. In the context of our feedback loop, we can immediately incorporate any changes you may desire. We can also create proofs. This way we can successively build on the project experience and ensure that the 3D renderings, animations and photos fully meet your expectations.

Rendering & postproduction: From the finishing touches to delivery

The processes surrounding CGI and photography are similar: Once the image is right, high-end retouching follows. Finetuning then involves the correction of such elements as color and contrast. In addition, the consistency of serial product images can be easily achieved through visualization: This enables various product varieties to be implemented through a 3D model – thereby resulting in cost savings of up to 80% as compared to traditional photography.

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Andreas Jörg
Andreas Jörg

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