Expressive product photos are your very best selling point

Authentic and aesthetic: The raison d’être of product photos is to draw all the attention to themselves and arouse the customers’ interest. Your products can make a professional appearance through high-resolution product photography in advertising catalogs, on posters and billboards and in online stores – striking a sales-boosting pose. Andreas Jörg, your product photography expert, knows exactly the right way to showcase your designs!

Cutout product pictures, packshots and mood images

Perfectly lit, ideally showcased, and retouched with a love for detail: We create outstanding product photography. And to make sure your products are shown in a multi-faceted manner, we do more than just shoot traditional packshots and product photos on a white background – we also take mood photos. We can customize the setting for your products and, if you wish, develop a creative concept that’s specifically geared toward your product.

Some information about our watch photography:

  • Experienced product photographer with years of experience
  • Professional photo studio with high-end equipment
  • All types of product photography: cutouts, packshots, moods and more
  • For online stores, product catalogs, print media, etc.
  • Personalized concepts specifically geared toward your products
  • CGI-based 3D visualization product images upon request
  • For German and international clients
Looking for professional product photography for your product catalog, advertising or online store? Looking for a product photographer for expressive high-end shots?

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Product photography at AJ-Commercial - The workflow:



To ensure that your finished product photos fully meet all your expectations – or even better, exceed them – a initial joint interview is essential to how I approach my work.

For this interview, it’s irrelevant whether you already have concrete ideas for your product photos or whether you prefer that we provide consultancy and inspiration. I’ll be happy to walk alongside you and put my years of experience as an international product photographer to work for your benefit.

The initial interview provides a forum for discussing and agreeing on the basic requirements and framework conditions. The following questions need to be clarified before we start:

  • How many products are to be photographed?
  • For which media (print or digital)?
  • What are the preferred perspectives and backgrounds?
  • Are there any special requirements?
  • How will the products get to me?
  • How long will your product photos take?

We’ll brainstorming together and, in line with the briefing, we might even be able to take the first test photos right afterwards (without final lighting and image editing). You’ll receive these test photos by email for further consultation.

As soon as you’re happy with the very first test photos and have given us the green light, the actual product photo production can begin.


The art of exposure

Probably the most important as well as most challenging step on the path toward professional product photography is setting up the lighting. Products and the respective materials can only be shot in a fashion that is true to color and detail if the lighting is exactly right.

Each product is different, with its own characteristic properties, and these must be reflected in the product photos as realistically as possible. This starts with form and proportions and goes all the way to the respective material and product-specific special features – all of this plays a decisive role in setting up the lighting. Which is why every product requires a customized approach when it comes to this lighting setup.

Through intelligent light setting and controlling, a good product photographer manages to guide the eye of the beholder through the photo, capturing its audience through the strength of details.

In order for your final product images – both digital and print – to come across as vividly, attractively and as true to reality in all its three dimensions as possible, the perfect lighting setup is crucial.


Product photo shoots

After the final lighting setup has been prepared, your products will be ready for the actual product photo shooting. In addition to a variety of angles such as front, side and detail views, sophisticated compositions or advertising photos of your products (application examples/shootings with models, etc.) can be carried out in the process – to fully meet your wishes.

Thanks to my professional equipment, creative mind, eye for detail and an extensive network of models, I can make the full range of possibilities available to my clients so you can reach your target group through outstanding product photography.


Photo editing/High-end retouching


Photo editing, or retouching, constitutes the final important step in the creation of product photos.

Through professional photo editing software and thanks to our years of experience in high-end retouching, your product photos can be given the finishing touches. For instance, small blotches or dirt or dust inclusions can be removed, and individual elements and product details can be underlined through skillful adjustments and contrasts.

Just like the retouching of products, the insertion, replacement or adjustment of various backgrounds and effects in post-production, various layouts can be generated, and customized advertising messages conveyed – in line with your wishes and preferred formats (print/digital).

Autocorrections (later changes to the product), which are common practice when it comes to prototypes, are typically not a problem at all. With the right tools and through photo editing and retouching, almost any desired changes can be made.

Andreas Jörg Fotograf für Uhren Photographer

Final consultation and delivery of product photos:

After a final feedback round and consultation, the last details are adjusted until you’re completely happy with the photos. You’ll then promptly receive all the photos in your preferred resolution, size and file format.

Andreas Jörg
Andreas Jörg

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