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Studio for photography and CGI: The search for form

Advertising photographer Andreas Jörg has been the visual mastermind of the company since 2012: He’s the head of product photography and CGI (computer-generated imagery) for the photo studio which specializes in watch photography and is based in Apfeltrach near Mindelheim (Bavaria). Using his years of experience and technical expertise in high-end photography, he creates product visualizations that stand out from the crowd through their aesthetics, authenticity and the perfect interplay of form, light and perspective.

A photographer specialized in watch photography

Besides being fascinated with technology and design from an early age, Andreas Jörg has also been obsessed with one specific question: What is time? He first began seeking aesthetic answers at art galleries. Eventually, though, his passion for design and aesthetics led him to product photography, where he happened to find watches in front of his camera lens from the very start. Ever since, watch photography hasn’t loosened its grip on him. And with good reason: The combination of technology, design and the visual display of time brings all his interests together.

Every project starts with one question: What story is the design meant to tell?

Photographer Andreas Jörg is specialized in product photography, watch photography and the 3D renderings of watches. In this work, his primary goal is to let every unique design speak for itself: He considers every watch a new challenge and develops an individual concept for outstanding product images for each and every model, including stills, mood pictures, packshots, cutouts, 3D renderings and animations.

The journey toward the ideal product photo: One-stop service

If desired, we can offer our clients the complete workflow: from the concept to the pre-print stage. We analyze, create, inspire and manufacture ideal product photos this way, based solely on your products – for clients who already have concrete ideas and concepts, as well as for those who are still searching for the right idea for their photos, renderings or videos. We’re always here to offer you our knowhow and experience!

Andreas Jörg
Andreas Jörg

Fotograf & 3D Artist

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