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One of the most paradoxical concepts ever: Time. Watches help to make time tangible in the most varied ways. And in the sophisticated discipline of watch photography,    we capture the individual character of a model. As one of the few photographers specializing in watches, Andreas Jörg is especially experienced in his field.                  At AJ-Commercial, he brings to the task a very keen eye for light, time and perspective – and thus for timelessly beautiful and unique watch photos.

Clients truly appreciate high-class watch photography

Photos of watches in online stores or in the catalogs of manufacturers or dealers must be convincing at first sight. To ensure that this is the case, product images can be combined in various ways: We create photos of classic cutouts on a white background, 360° shots as well as creative and customized stills and mood pictures of wristwatches. Our goal is for every photo to truly captivate the beholder through its strength of detail, light and perfection. We don’t simply present watches – we create their portraits.

Some information about our watch photography:

  • Specialized watch photography grounded in years of experience
  • Watch photography for German and international clients
  • Professional product and advertising photos for use in high-end print and online
  • Top quality standards
  • Creative ideas and customized implementation as per client wish
  • Know-how and a passion for watches: We look forward to sharing our expertise with you!
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Photographing watches at AJ-Commercial- The workflow:



Whether you already have an idea or a concrete vision of your watch photos or prefer that we provide consultancy and inspiration. I’ll be happy to walk alongside you and put my years of experience as an international product photographer to work for your benefit.

In a joint initial interview, we’ll discuss the essential requirements and realization options.

After brainstorming together, we’ll prioritize your ideas and make them concrete. Based on this briefing, we’ll then be able to take the first test photos (without the final light setting and image editing). You’ll receive these test photos by email for further consultation.

As soon as you’re happy with the quality of your test photos and give us the green light, the actual product photo production can begin.


Lighting – Putting your watch in its true light:

Setting up the lighting is by far the most extensive and most challenging part of professional watch photography.

This is mostly due to the fact that, for the most part, this intermediate step defies standardization. Every watch model has its own specificities that require a customized approach when setting up the optimal lighting.

The goal of this step is to make the watches’ various materials recognizable through the setup and choice of light source and to portray them in a fashion that is true to color and detail. When doing this, it’s particularly important to perfectly capture the genuine shine of the watches without making them look unnatural or “fake.”

A professional watch photographer can guide the eye of the beholder and dazzle them – through light and strength of detail.

For the watch to look as vivid and three-dimensional as possible in the final photos, perfect lighting is crucial. Our specialized watch photography workflow guarantees the best possible results!

Uhren fotografieren Studio

Shooting watches

Only when the lighting has been ideally set up can the individual materials be clearly identified – and this is when true watch photography begins. In addition to front, side and detail views, sophisticated compositions or advertising photos of your watches can be carried out in process – to fully meet your wishes.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, creative ideas and an extensive network of models, you can tap into the full range of implementation possibilities for reaching your target group in the best possible way.


Photo editing/High-end retouching

Photo editing, or retouching, constitutes the final important work step in the creation of product photos.

In this process, your watch photos are given the finishing touches: For instance, small blotches or dirt or dust inclusions can be removed, and contrasts adjusted as needed.

Various backgrounds and effects can be applied in post-production, to create different moods or achieve a greater choice of advertising media, for instance – in line with your wishes and preferred formats (print/digital).

In practice, so-called autocorrections often occur. These are later changes to the prototype (of watches) after the photos have already been taken.

Thanks to professional high-end retouching and a great love for detail, almost any desired change can be made.

Andreas Jörg Fotograf für Uhren Photographer

Final consultation and delivery of watch photos:

After a final feedback round and consultation, the last details are adjusted until you’re completely happy with the photos. You’ll then promptly receive all the photos in your preferred resolution, size and file format. We’ll also be happy to tell you more about the varied fields of application of 3D visualization and product renderings for watches.

Andreas Jörg
Andreas Jörg

Fotograf & 3D Artist

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